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 Seala the Wolf (bwahahaha! - random evil laugh -)

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PostSubject: Seala the Wolf (bwahahaha! - random evil laugh -)   Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:46 pm

Name of Character: Seala

Type of Animal: Wolf (duh XD)

Colors: black, hints of grey and white.

Eye colors: Yellow

Character Traits: Courageous and powerful. She is an herbal healer, and has a shocking amount of power. Seala's very bold, friendly, and independent. She's not scared of death and she's pretty much the only sonic girl other then Blaze the Cat that's able to keep up with the guys. (>3 - show-off - LOL)

Strengths: She won't back down from a fight, and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. She bites, kicks, punches, and her power does a lot when it comes to a fight. She can heal herself if she gets hurt, and she can also hunt for herself also, which removes the need to stay within the public eye. Scent and hearing are also powerful. Hidden within all that is the ability to speak with animals of all kinds. All in all, you got the perfect survivor on your hands.

Weaknesses: Her lust and wishful thinking can get in the way A LOT of the time. She might not start if threatened, but she can freeze at points. Panic also plays a powerful influence on her.

History: Originally a loose city girl, she managed to escape the smog for the clear forests she longed for. When in the city, she found an interest in healing herbs and taught herself out to heal through books and experience (like the time she almost caught her self on fire by nearly mixing vinegar and baking soda). When she was fifteen however, her life elevated to a greater purpose. By mere accident, she ended up learning the secrets of "Shadow”‘s past, whoever he was. She's lived with that knowledge for a year now, and is now having dreams about a black and red hedgehog. Curiosity is setting in, and only the Spirits that stay within shockingly close contact with her know what will come to be......

Other: Seala is highly spiritual, and meditates often.(thus the source of her power)
She also has a mild crush on Shadow, what of which she tells no-one but her closest friends. (>3 EVIL EVIL EVIL!)

Pic(optional): Give me a while DX I'm trying very very hard! (you can wait to accept her until the pic is done ;])
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Seala the Wolf (bwahahaha! - random evil laugh -)
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