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 Juliette, Flint, and Natalie

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PostSubject: Juliette, Flint, and Natalie   Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:16 pm

Name of Character: Natalie
Type of Animal: wolf
Colors: black w/ red hair
Eye colors: yellow
Character Traits: *read picture*
Strengths: she has two guns, and she has a hoverboard to get around fast. She's very outdoorsy.
Weaknesses: She is missing her twin sister, Juliette, and sometimes her hoverboard isn't around to help her get to where she needs to be fast.
History: She grew up on the track, and is now famous. She was kicked out of the house at 10- six years ago.
Other: Juliette's twin sister, age 16.

Name of Character: Juliette
Type of Animal: wolf
Colors: grey w/ pink hair
Eye colors: dark orange
Character Traits: *see picture*
Strengths: She knows almost every twist, nook, and cranny. She also has one of the finest crafted hoverboards available, which is pretty fast.
Weaknesses: She has no shoes, so her feet hurt often and disables her.
History: see Natalie's. Only semi-famous, though.
Other: Natalie's twin sister, age 16.

Name of Character: Flint
Type of Animal: Hawk
Colors: green w/ blue hair
Eye colors: yellow
Character Traits: see picture
Strengths:she knows the way of the wild, and can blend in and spy anywhere.
Weaknesses: She can't fly... her hoverboard is a hand-me down.
History: Jet's younger sister, only more disappear-when-Jet-acts-stupid kind of a person.
Other: Age 17
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Juliette, Flint, and Natalie
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