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 The Greatest Race

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PostSubject: The Greatest Race   Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:59 am

Natalie hopped onto her hoverboard and zoomed through the crowd. They made way for her; she ran this track. Her tail streamed in the wind as she pulled her goggles over her eyes and went faster, tucking her sunglasses into her pocket. Her bracelets jangled, and she shot onto the track. "...And here is number seven, Natalie!" A roar accompanied her name's announcement, and she jumped into the air and did a flip before landing onto the hoverboard again. She grinned, and parked the board behind the line. The number eight was called out- her enemy, Juliette. Funny how she had the same name as her sister, but she would know her sister when she saw her. The grey wolf looked impassively at Natalie, and she looked back into the wolf's amber eyes. "You ready to lose?" Natalie shook her head. "You've got it wrong, baby girl. When you come in dead last, don't come cryin' to me." Some music started, and Natalie recognized it as "Rock that Body" by the Black Eyed Peas.

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PostSubject: Re: The Greatest Race   Sun Nov 01, 2009 5:14 pm

(Sorry, I'm hoping that this will get you back online >.< I musht post this char post before sheez accepted.)

A pink ear flicked. She heard murmurs from the crowd; they were talking about her. The announcer made on comment on her. "...If you're thnking that Number 3, Reily, is a name that sounds unfamilier, then you are correct! Reily is a new rookie this year, but keep your eyes on her- A friend of mine tells me she races well." Reily felt her skin heat nervously. She felt the eyes of the older, more experienced racers boring into her. The number 2 racer to her left leaned towards her. "Who the HELL do you think you are, kid?" She sneered, "Go back home. This isn't the place for people who still wear diapers." She lifted her head a little. "Am I right, girls?" The other racers laughed and starting teasing her as well. She cut one of them off, stating her own opinion. "My father wouldn't take comments like that." She said, standing herself tall, speaking loudly so the crowd could easily tell the rest of the racers were being mean to her, "And niether. Will. I." She let her defiance stand out in her voice. The other racers straightened up and fell silent. "We'll just see about that." The number 2 racer muttered harshly. Setting the very back of her board on the ground, but holding it up by wrapping her arm around the board, she cracked her knuckles menacingly. Dispite the threat, Reily was smiling on the inside. "You're gonna get arthritis if you keep doing that." She commented, purposely pushing the the limit of the safe zone. The number 2 racer took a threatening step towards her, "Shut up, kid!" Reily flinched away, blocking her face with her hands, but was grinning like mad. Upon seeing a small group of officers brace to come forward and glare at her, the racer backed off without a comment. Reily didn't hold back her smile this time; that had been loud enough for the crowd to hear, and murmurs were already racing throug the crowd. One of the members started a conversation with one of the officers. "Can't you remove her?" "Who?" The guard responded. "The number 2 racer!" The new rival tensed, hands clenching into fists. The other racers shifted uneasily. Reily grinned as the guard started to explain that this competition was 'No-Holds-Barred', and that threats like that were common among the racers, the woman protesting. She was the sentimental choice-favorite now, especially if she did well in this race. The ratings for #2 would no doubt drop drastically, and her rating would go up. Reily couldn't help but let greed over-take her for a waking moment, indulging in what she was make sure would be her future. 'Oh yeah baby we're talkin' Paparazzi, Photo-shoots, posters, fashion; The High Life!' That was when she realized why most of the racers have enemies- The rebellion gives them something to focus on, and keep them ferocious and intent. The radio channel they were streaming from started to play one of her favorite songs, "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada as the countdown started. She Let the rhythm course through her, smoothing out her anxious mind, backing up to the '50' mark line, along with a black wolf and a gray wolf. Chasing after the blue marker line, She performed an agile backflip onto her board when the true rhythm started. ("0:29" Seconds. X}) Blasting on the boost instantly, she shot into the crowd of surrounding compeditors. Her pink skirt (She put periwinkle colored shorts on under it >.>) whipped behind her as she bent her knees to gain speed. Her rival, Jessie, came up beside her, swinging a leg to club her in the back of the head. "Take THIS you little punk!" Reily had been expecting to be assulted, and had kept her bright blue eyes on her. She ducked sharply, spun on her board, and knocked Jessie's other leg out from under her. Jessie gasped, smacked down on her face and fell to the ground, shocked gasps coming from the crowd. The attack ad upset the board and she tilted up. Using her board's unexpected ability to float, She flipped it in a series of forward-propelling flips, and used the speed boost from the good landing to pull ahead of the pack. She grinned darkly; Her- A CHILD!- pulling ahead of the other racers before even the first jump! That was just hysterical! She quickly wiped the grin off her face; 'Don't let this get to you...' She warned herself. She felt a lingering threat about the black wolf that was quickly gaining speed behind her, and attempted to increase her lead.

(O_O'! O.e uh.. Sorry.....? >.> [Too Big, Yes? DX])

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The Greatest Race
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