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 Reily the Hedgehog/Cat mix

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PostSubject: Reily the Hedgehog/Cat mix   Sun Nov 01, 2009 3:43 pm

Name of Character: Reily (Rie lee)

Type of Animal: Mix; Hedgehog+Cat

Colors: Pink; long, oak brown hair.

Eye colors: Cyan.

Character Traits: Tom Boy, Friendly, Can be Testy at times (A sign she likes juu XD), Likes hard work.

Strengths: Mildly fast, Good racer; Speed type. Weapon is a lage, dulled blade.

Weaknesses: Passive Agressive, Will want to trust people she knows she can't.

History: Reily is one of the extremely rare members of her world, who was raised in the human world. Her adoptive father is a human being. His wife and child had both died during child-birth from a type of miscarriage, and his heart had ached for several years. With nightmares haunting his sleep on a dozy Saturday night, he stepped outside of his home for a walk. A few moments later, he froze to the sound of an infant crying. His mind reeled- that was the sound of a NEW child, not more then a few days old. He followed the cries through the dark woods, imagining a lost mother and her baby. To his surprise, at the edge of the forest, he found the child alone. He went up to the pink creature, not quite sure what it was. It looked almost like a human baby, but furry and pink. It cried like any other baby from this world anyway. He smiled and picked up the infant. "Hey there little one.." He muttered, gently cradling the baby close, bouncing softly to ease its crying. "Where's your mother..?" He looked around quickly, thinking he had to get the small, unknown baby to warmth and something edible. He child had stopped crying, and clung to his pajama shirt for the heat. "C'mon," He said, turning to back to his house, "We'll find your mother first thing in the morning." The baby gurgled softly, starting to fall asleep. He chuckled when the she-child pulled even more of his shirt. 'So strong for something so small..' He wrapped the baby in a warm, brown, cotton blanket and went out to the barn, the sleeping child in his arms. The nanny goat and other animals stirred awake when he opened the barn doors. He feared the light in the barn would wake her, but she just gargled and sputtered a cough- the gargle apparently tickling her throat. Her new care-taker, David, smiled and gently stroked her fuzzy head. "Such a silly child." He pushed open the small gate to the section of the barn for the nanny goat. She'd recently birthed a kid, who was starting to wean from her milk. He carefully set the cat mix in the hay, and started to milk the goat of her mother's milk into a bottle. Her kid wandered over out from the corner and started to sniff the new arrival's face. The baby inhaled the kid's rancid breath and coughed, slipping her arms out from under the blanket, trying to grip its short muzzle. The kid friskily flicked its tail, and David started to get worried. The nanny nudged the kid away, and took a step or two closer to the guest. She bent down and started to sniff her face as well. "Easy, Isis..." David warned. Isis nudged a small bit of the blanket out of the way and sniffed her chest, the baby's fluffy fur standing up. The small child fussed a little upon being woken, but eased when the nanny started to gently nibble on the fur on top of her head, grooming her. She giggled. Gently pushing the nanny out of the way, He picked her up and attempted to get her to feed from the bottle. She accepted the milk gleefully. Returning to his home, he carefully laid the sleeping baby on his bed. "There... Now stay right there..." He muttered, hoping the child wouldn't be disturbed by the change of surrounding. Climbing up a ladder to the hayloft-like attic, he was immediately greeted by objects and items he and his late-wife had bought for their own baby. He went up to the cradle and wistfully ran his fingers along the side railings. His eyes lost their caring sparkle to memories that flooded his brain. He returned his focus to the new baby, and his heart relaxed away from some of its ache. While the baby slept, He cleaned off the dust. His eyes stayed forlorn, though he told himself 'Melinda would be proud of me...' Tossing some old, soft blankets inside for bedding because the actual blankets needed washed, he tucked the small baby inside. She didn't stir in the slightest when he placed her inside amongst the dark-colored, wool blankets along with her own cotton one. She made a random noise in her sleep, again coughing afterwards. David chuckled softly and watched her sleep. He figured the chances of him finding her mother, since he had found the infant child dumped the dirt path surrounding his farm, were very slim. It looked quite a bit like a road, so he figured the mother had probably abandoned her. Due to the fact that she was obviously NOT human, his only explanation was that it was probably some sort of alien space-ship that left her. He laughed at his ridicules idea. 'Come on now David!' he thought with a smile, 'You know so much better then that!' He held his smile and stared sweetly at the baby. A limb twitched. He decided that if he didn't find her mother (or anyone that looked like her kind, for that matter) tomorrow, he'd take the child under his wing. He smiled, gently kissed the child on the forehead, and tucked into his own bed.
He didn't find her mother. He listed the day he found her (June 12th) as her birthday. She insisted upon helping around the farm at age four. Around the range of age five-five 1/2, she found a hover-board in the same place that she herself was found. Thinking there was probably no way in THIS world to send it back to where it came from, he let the begging child keep it. After figuring out how it worked (by herself) and getting on it (by herself O.o'), she started to beg that he "fix it" so it would go faster. He was worried at first- it went shockingly fast already for some one to endure, especially for a child. Seeing as she wasn't tweaked at all by going so fast, he agreed. By opening it up, he discovered it wasn't too complicated. He easily found the mechanism that controls speed and tuned it. She shot off like a rocket, instantly taking to the thrill. He watched her carefully, not trusting that she'd stay safe. She started to flip and spin, shooting off the ground straight up in the air, and landing smoothly.
'She seems to have a natural gift...' Her father marveled.
~Her past was never hidden from her. She never let her difference bother her.
~Due to the fact that she was inhuman, her father homeschooled her.
~Very near the age of ten, she discovered a sparkling light-gray stone where she had found her hover-board. She took it back and showed it to her father. She soon discovered she could do things with it- including warping time and space. Several months later, with her hover-board in hand, she attempted to warp back to her own world. In a flash of light, she found herself in an ally. Curious, she peeked around the corner. Her eyes widened; People! Like her! It had worked! She grinned, laughed of joy, and warped back. Her father insisted that she go back to her own world now, but she demanded that she come back on routine visits. He agreed.
~Following a cycle of coming and going from Earth to Mobius, she's now a brand-new rookie in this year's Hover-Board Competition Races.

Pic(optional): As soon as I can Wink

( By the way, tell me if the long histories bother you. >.> Really, tell me. I don't want to irritate people, and I know long things like that seem to bother a lot of people...)

Why are you looking down here?? If you keep reading you're going to make Silver spontaneously combust! ........ Nice job. Silver is now on fire. Blaze is going to come after you now and watch you burn to death. Have a nice day!

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Reily the Hedgehog/Cat mix
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